The Hardy Boyz And Impact Agree To Terms Over Use Of The Broken Universe Matt Hardy on Monday Night Raw.

UPDATE: It looks like the “broken” gimmick might not be just around the corner as was implied on Raw this week. Impact Wrestling’s Jeff Jarrett recently said that there is not currently an agreement in place for the Hardys to acquire the broken characters, according to the Wrestling Observer.

On Monday Night Raw tonight, The Hardy Boyz suggested that their “broken” gimmick will soon come to the WWE.

During an in-ring segment following the Great Balls of Fire pay-per-view, Jeff Hardy said that after they were defeated by Cesaro and Sheamus, there are some who would consider them to be “obsolete.” A few minutes later, Matt Hardy dropped a not-so-subtle hint of his own, saying that following their match with Cesaro and Sheamus, they are just a bit “broken.”

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This was just enough to get fans excited about the idea of the broken gimmick coming to the WWE, but not enough for it to actually be the official introduction. So is the gimmick coming to the WWE or not?

Well, it’s complicated, as Impact Wrestling says they own the rights to the “broken” gimmick. At this point, then, it’s just a matter of whether the WWE and Matt Hardy will be able to legally acquire the rights to the character of Broken Matt, and the latest update is that the Wrestling Observer recently reported that Matt Hardy and Impact Wrestling are close to reaching a deal. That report came on July 3rd, so it’s possible that since then, the deal was officially completed, giving the Hardys the green light to start teasing it on July 10th’s Raw. 

However, PWInsider did report on July 4th, after the Wrestling Observer’s report, that a deal is not close to being reached after all, so clearly there’s conflicting information out there.

“While there have been a lot of rumblings that Anthem Media and The Hardys are close to a settlement in regard to the ‘Broken Hardys’ gimmick over the last several days, the word backstage at the Impact Wrestling tapings today is that it’s actually much closer to the opposite with the two sides remaining very much at odds,” PWInsider reported.

During a recent interview with Corey Graves on the WWE Network, the Hardys addressed this whole thing, with Matt Hardy saying he couldn’t really get into it “because of legal reasons.” However, Matt Hardy still seemed pretty optimistic about the broken gimmick coming to the WWE soon.

“When it happens – I’m not even gonna say if – when it happens, it’s gonna be the most exciting thing to hit WWE programming in a long long time,” Matt Hardy said. “We’re gonna keep people guessing.”

Back in March, Matt Hardy filed an application to trademark the name Broken Matt Hardy, but this trademark request was denied, according to PWInsiderAccording to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Matt Hardy also hired legal counsel back in April. But so far, he has not been successful at gaining ownership of the broken gimmick. If he has done so in recent days, this has not yet been reported.

There have been plenty of vague references to the broken gimmick on WWE programming over the past few months, and fans consistently chant “obsolete” and “Broken Matt” during matches. With the Hardy Boyz themselves saying both of those things on Raw on July 10th, this was our biggest hint yet that a deal may be close to being finalized behind the scenes or may actually be completed.

For those unfamiliar with Matt and Jeff Hardy’s wrestling outside of the WWE, “Broken Matt” refers to a gimmick that began after Jeff and Matt Hardy faced one another in an “I Quit” match on Impact Wrestling. Matt was so badly injured in the match (within kayfabe) that he was taken out of the arena in an ambulance, and he subsequently returned as “Broken Matt,” now with bleached blonde hair and a British accent. At this point, Matt became obsessed with “deleting” Jeff Hardy, and he now referred to Jeff as “Brother Nero,” with Nero being Jeff’s middle name. Although this character has yet to be introduced in the WWE, the Hardys have still used these catchphrases sometimes, throwing around the words “delete” and “obsolete.” We just have yet to see the actual Broken Matt character.

Impact Wrestling claims ownership of the “broken” gimmick because it started within their promotion. When the Hardy Boyz first came to the WWE, it was reported that they might not be able to use the Broken Matt gimmick unless the WWE buys it from Impact Wrestling or reaches some other deal with them. Since then, it’s mostly been a back and forth legal battle between Matt Hardy and Impact Wrestling, with the Wrestling Observer reporting back in April that the WWE doesn’t want to get involved and wants to let Hardy and Impact Wrestling come to an agreement themselves.

At the end of Monday Night Raw tonight, Matt and Jeff Hardy were brutally attacked by Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson, after having already been defeated by Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson a night after their loss to Cesaro and Sheamus. This all could create the perfect circumstances under which to introduce the broken gimmick. We’ll see if this happens next week on Raw. 

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