Terms Of Use & Copyrights

Am I watching ITV channels on the Platforms at the same time as broadcast channels live?

By viewing our channels on a Platform, you may experience a delayed service compared to the broadcast TV service. Where we are streaming our channels over the internet or a mobile/wifi network, technically it is not possible to operate a live service, but this service is as near live as possible. Please bear this delay in mind, particularly when interacting with our programmes, and please rely on our broadcast TV service for accurate times.

Can you enter competitions and register votes in "On-Demand" Programmes?

Our catch-up and archive programmes are not live. Please ignore any calls for interaction such as competitions, votes or quizzes. If you do try to participate, your interaction may not be counted but you may still be charged.

Are my details kept safe?

We use security measures to keep details you have provided to us safe but we advise that you never reveal to others via the Services any personal information about yourself or anyone else (for example: telephone number, home address or email address). You are entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your details when using our Services.

Is payment required to use the Services?

We may require payment as a condition of the provision of some of our Services. If we do require payment we will make this clear. We will not commence the provision of those Services until you have indicated your agreement to payment of the required charge or charges.

Nothing on our Platforms constitutes a formal offer to provide the Services. We may at any time decide not to provide the Services at all or we may change the basis on which we are willing to provide the Services. All items are subject to availability. Any prices displayed are subject to change at any time unless we specifically state that they will apply for a particular length of time. Except if there has been an error, the price will be as stated on the Services and will include VAT (where applicable). We try to make sure our prices are accurate but if there has been an error we will usually reject your order and let you know that we have done so. We will not change the price of any Services after we have confirmed your order for the relevant Services. Payment methods are as specified on the relevant Services. If you provide us with credit or debit card details, you confirm that you are authorised to use that card.

By submitting a request to purchase our Services you will be submitting an offer to contract and we will only be deemed to have accepted your offer (and so create a legally binding contract between you and us) if we send you confirmation or if we start to provide the Services (for instance by commencing a download of digital content).

Because of the nature of certain Services, the provision of the Services may commence immediately or shortly after you have placed your order. This will, for example (but not if we specifically state otherwise), be the case where the Services consist of providing downloads of digital content to you or allowing you to access our content (even if you do not in fact access or use that content). Consequently you acknowledge and agree that, where the provision of the Services commences upon order confirmation, you will have no right to cancel your purchase. Furthermore you agree that, following confirmation of your order, your purchase is final, non-exchangeable and non-refundable. If your item is faulty, incorrect or incomplete please contact us so that we can investigate and if appropriate arrange a replacement or refund (at our sole discretion).

If the Service that you are purchasing involves the download of a specific piece of content (for example an app or an on-demand programme) and, following confirmation of your order by us that content becomes unavailable or the completion of the download is unsuccessful as a result of our technological failure, your exclusive and sole remedy is either replacement or refund of the price paid, as determined by us. You agree that you will have no remedy against us if the download does not successfully complete as a result of any factors outside of our reasonable control (including without limitation any technological failure of the device that you are using to download the content).

Can you link to our Website?

You may link your website to the home page of our Website, provided that you own that website and that you do so in a way that is fair, legal and does not take advantage of or damage our reputation and any such link is for non-commercial purposes. Any such link must not, suggest or in any way give the impression that you have any commercial relationship with us, or that we have approved or endorsed such link. You may not create a link to any part of our Website other than the home page. We reserve the right to withdraw permission to link to the home page of our Website at any time without notice at our sole and absolute discretion. You may not "deep-link" to pages beyond the home page without our express permission.

Can you frame our Website?

You may not frame our Website on other websites without our express permission.

Source : http://www.itv.com/terms/

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