Man Steals Spectrum Truck, Causes Internet Outage In Brevard, Police Say

FOSTER, R.I. (AP) - A Rhode Island nudist campground is looking for a lifeguard, and the uniform is cheap: nothing.

The Providence Journal reports Dyer Woods Nudist Campgrounds' help wanted notice for a lifeguard this summer says qualified candidates must have "excellent communication skills" and the ability to "work as part of a team."

Campground president Jim Johnson says the lifeguard can wear a swimsuit but it's not necessary.

The campground offers swimming, hiking, volleyball and a sauna for people who aren't afraid to bare it all.

Johnson says there's "really no difference" between the Dyer Woods camp in Foster and a regular campground. He says "it's a family campground and people just show up to relax."

Johnson says once people try going au naturel in nature they'll "fall in love with it."


A Florida man was arrested for calling 911 to ask dispatchers to find the singers Drake and Lil Wayne, authorities said.

The 28-year-old Fellsmere man was arrested Tuesday on a misdemeanor abuse of 911 charge, according to an arrest report.

The report said the man called 911 and told the dispatcher "find Drake, find Lil Wayne, they know who I am." He hung up but when the dispatcher called him back he "began to ramble random codes" and said they "need to figure out the movie 'IT, the scary movie,'" the report said.

When officers arrived at his home, the man was in the parking lot shouting that he was God and that the officers needed to find him Drake and Lil Wayne, the report said.

The officers told him he couldn't call 911 unless it was an emergency but he replied that "he could call 911 for whatever he wanted" and told the officers they should just take him to jail. He was given a warning and the officers left.

But according to the report, the man called 911 two more times shouting about needing to speak to President Donald Trump and ranting about government conspiracies involving the president, the report said. Officers went back and took him into custody.

The man was booked into the Indian River County jail, where he remained held on $500 bond Friday, records showed. The report said he may suffer from mental health issues.



Spectrum internet service for portions of Rockledge and Cocoa remained down for several hours on Wednesday after police said a 25-year-old man stole a repair truck routing fiber optic cable.

The resulting outage affected up to 5,000 customers, including businesses and residences, according to a spokesperson for Spectrum, the telecommunications company that contracted the repairs. 

The $100,000 truck, hitched to a $50,000 trailer filled with tools and other equipment, was recovered around 5:30 a.m. Wednesday at a Denny's restaurant parking lot on Merritt Island.

"Several police agencies were affected also," said Yvonne Martinez, spokeswoman for the Cocoa Police Department. Officers had to use backup radios after the cables were snapped. Dispatch and 911 systems were not affected, Martinez said.

Authorities said the suspect, Shane Younger, took off in the Ford truck as Spectrum repairmen were spooling out fiber optic cable during a repair job at Fiske Boulevard near Rosa L. Jones.

"The person came out of nowhere and stole the truck," said Joe Durkin, spokesperson for Spectrum. One worker actually jumped from the truck as the suspected thief rolled off, violently snapping and damaging the cable.

"The worker felt the truck and trailer rocking and then start to move. He jumped out and saw the truck speed southbound on south Fiske Boulevard," Martinez added.

The damaged cables could cost as much as $10,000 to repair.

"Our crews are out now making repairs. About 5,000 customers were impacted. We do appreciate the customers and their patience as we work to repair the broken fiber lines," Durkin said.

The repairs were expected to be completed by Wednesday afternoon.

Cocoa police were alerted by the Sheriff's Office that the truck was seen pulling into the parking lot at Denny's. Police said Younger had gotten out of the vehicle and walked into the restaurant to use the restroom. A dispute ensued after Younger sat at the bar and told a waitress that "someone was trying to kill," him, reports show.

Younger was taken into custody and booked into the Brevard County Jail Complex on grand theft charges. 

Brevard County spokesman Don Walker said that the government building and the emergency operation center were both without internet all day Wednesday after the incident. He said that county workers had to make phone calls and do more work in person using internet to connect to email on their personal phones. 

He added that it was lucky that the emergency operation center did not have to deal with the real crisis without internet connection. 


DEFUNIAK SPRINGS, Fla- A man who taunted deputies on his four-wheeler with a beer in hand is now in custody.

On Saturday evening deputies attempted a traffic stop on three four wheelers for driving on a county maintained road.  Two of the four wheelers stopped on Windflower Street, a third fled from the stop. A white male driving the third four wheeler  later returned to the traffic stop and began taunting the deputy and driving in circles in the middle of the road shouting "Come and get me!"

Shortly after additional deputies arrived in the area. When deputies turned down Margaret Boulevard the four-wheeler accelerated rapidly toward the front of the patrol and swerved around it. The suspect was seen holding a beer can in his left hand and yelling as he went by.  The suspect then accelerated rapidly southbound on Watson Road and then turned onto Guinevere Lane.

Contact was later made at a residence where the four-wheeler was observed. Witnesses identified the male as Aaron Keith Clark, 24, of DeFuniak Springs.

Deputies went out to Clark's home residence on County Highway 192 and he was taken into custody. Clark told deputies he did not remember the incident due to being intoxicated. He stated he didn't remember almost hitting a patrol car or running from deputies. Clark stated he was sorry for the incident.

Clark is charged with fleeing and attempting to elude and reckless driving. He was transported and booked into the Walton County Jail.


A Massachusetts woman is suing an adult film company for using "nearly every room" in her Martha's Vineyard home to shoot dozens of pornographic videos without her knowledge.

Leah Bassett filed a federal lawsuit against the Canada-based adult film company, Mile High Distribution Inc., Joshua Spafford, and others after she said she had no idea that when she rented her home to Spafford in September 2014 that it would be used to make pornographic videos, the Boston Globe reported.

Basset claimed Spafford agreed to lease her home from October 2014 to May 2015 under false pretenses and that through her own independent investigation, at least 24 films or videos were shot to some extent in her home, The Globe further reported.  

She said, "nearly every room of her home" was used for "porn purposes," including her bedrooms, sofas, dining room table and laundry room appliances.

Bassett says the "highly disturbing discovery" has caused her emotional and psychological distress.

She claimed in her lawsuit that some of the "films" featured her artwork which also violated copyright laws.

Lawyers for Mile High said her complaints were "unfounded" and that the matter arose out of a basic landlord-tenant dispute.


(Sky News) The "slowest rollercoaster in Japan" derailed this week - and passengers didn't notice.

A wheel on one of the cars is thought to have disengaged from the rail, causing the Family Coaster at Arakawa Amusement Park in Arakawa Ward, Tokyo, to grind to a halt on Friday.

With seven adults and 12 children trapped on the ride five metres (16 feet) above the ground, the situation could have sparked panic.

However, thanks to the leisurely pace of the ride, the passengers initially weren't bothered.

"The coaster was moving so slowly, I didn't notice it had stopped," a woman in her 30s and her six-year-old son who were on the ride at the time of the accident explained to local media.

The ride is billed on the park's website as "the slowest rollercoaster in Japan" and is around 140 meters long.

Bemusement eventually turned to concern when workmen began to hit the train with hammers and staff attempted to push the train without explaining the situation to those still on board.

Customers called the emergency police number 110 and rescue crews arrived at the scene to help evacuate those stuck on the ride.

Those involved in the incident are calling on investigators to examine the incident and find the cause of the malfunction to prevent the same problem occurring in the future.

No injuries were reported.


March 30 (UPI) -- A security camera at Oklahoma's Fort Sill captured the moment a group of soldiers found themselves under attack from a territorial goose.

Personnel at the U.S. Army post said a pair of geese nicknamed Steve and Brenda have been living outside a building at the facility for some time.

The security camera shows the goose known as Steve blocking the path of some soldiers and flapping at them aggressively, causing them to flee.

"A family of geese that we named Steve and Brenda frequent our building here," the uploader wrote. "Steve has been very protective lately of the best and attacked a group of soldiers. Soldiers, being the tough guys, got totally punked."

The uploader said the soldiers didn't retaliate against Steve.

"The goose was not harmed. We actually take good care of them and give them food and extra hay for their nest," they wrote.


DES MOINES, Iowa -- "Two years ago, Presidents' Day weekend I was looking for some civil war flags," said Robert Warren, Executive Director of Hoyt Sherman Place.

What Warren found was a hidden treasure.

"I noticed the bottom half of Apollo and Venus," said Warren. "Pulled it out from behind the table and noticed on the back of it there was an auction sticker."

In the flower closet, on the balcony level, is where the painting was found. It was discovered tucked in a corner between a table and wall.

Warren didn't know the value of what he had stumbled upon.

"I was a little surprised, because it`s a wood panel painting," said Warren. "I didn't really know much about it until I looked at the back of it and I could see the webbing and then the contents of the front was so badly damaged and there were water stains on it, in a room filled with junk. I had no idea that it was as valuable as it turned out to be."

The painting's exact value still remains a mystery, but it is believed to be worth millions.

Otto van Veen, the artist, is in every major museum, the Louvre, the Portrait Gallery, the Rubens estate and the paintings that have been sold that have been valued between $4 million and $17 million," said Warren. "So, we think it's somewhere in that range, but until it's fully installed and we get an appraiser out here, we can only speculate."

At the moment, there are no plans to sell it. Warren says the painting will be displayed as part of the permanent collection in the Hoyt Sherman Gallery.

"We have a spot picked out for it," said Warren. "We're just in the process of finishing the installation."

And as to why it's remained hidden away all of these years, Warren believes the content of the painting was simply too risqué for the Des Moines Women's Club, when they received it in the early 1920s.

"At that time, there were no other paintings in the entire collection of 54 that had any nudity at all," said Warren.

With the help of a Chicago conservator who did restoration on the painting, Warren was able to discover that the painting was created between 1595 and 1600. It once hung in the The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, in the 1880s. The Collins family of New York loaned the painting to the "Met."

The family later moved to Des Moines, and loaned and later gifted "Apollo and Venus" and four other paintings to the Des Moines Women's Club at Hoyt Sherman.


March 30 (UPI) -- A Virginia man finishing his shift as an Uber driver said an attempt to avoid a red light set him on the path to winning a $100,000 lottery jackpot.

Horatio Johnson told Virginia Lottery officials he had just dropped off his last passenger and was heading to his Woodbridge home after his Uber driving shift when he pulled into the Old Bridge Road Exxon station to dodge a red light.

Johnson said he decided to go inside and ended up buying a $4,000,000 Spectacular Riches scratch-off ticket and won a $100,000 jackpot.

"I almost flipped my lid!" he said.

Johnson said he plans to use his money to pay off his debt and put the rest in savings.


March 30 (UPI) -- A daredevil cyclist was caught on camera traveling at a high speed by clinging to the back of a semi truck driving on a stretch of highway.

The video, captured Wednesday, shows the bicyclist, who is not wearing a helmet, holding onto the back of a Knight Transportation refrigerated truck as it drives at a high speed on Highway 99 in Fresno.

The stretch of highway has a 55 mph speed limit for trucks.

"I was driving home from work and saw this," the filmer wrote.


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