Xiaomi Sells 1 Million Redmi 5A Units In A Month In India

Xiaomi has announced a new color variant of its Redmi 5A will go on sale in India this month - Lake Blue.

The color joins the Rose Gold which was announced in February and the Grey in which the Redmi 5A was originally announced back in November.

Indian buyers can order a Lake Blue (or any other color) Xiaomi Redmi 5A at the phone's next sale, which is set for March 22 at Noon. The prices are INR 5,999 (75) for the 2GB+16GB model or INR 6,999 (86) for the 3GB+32GB model.

Xiaomi boasted that it has sold more than 5 million Redmi 5A's since the phone launched in November, making it an one of its most successful launches.

You can buy the Redmi 5A on Flipkart or on Xiaomi's own website - the next sale is at Noon on March 22.

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Source : https://www.gsmarena.com/xiaomi_launches_adds_a_new_color_to_the_redmi_5a__lake_blue-news-30100.php

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