Taraji P. Henson’s Proud Mary Is A Great Leading Woman In Search Of A Good Movie

A: No, that’s just the way of the universe. It orders up the things that it needs when it’s the time. So I couldn’t have planned this better myself. This is not me, this is the universe, but here we are and now I can use this platform to speak on some important issues. This movie is dealing with taking your power back and not becoming a victim, not being the victim. This woman wants out of a lifestyle that she is sick of. She has a bunch of men telling her she can’t leave; well guess what? She takes the power back. That’s the storyline, but as far as me, the actress in the game? This movie speaks to an African-American woman of a certain age carrying a film like this, even being offered a role like this — this hasn’t happened since the ’70s. We’ve had badass/sidekicks, but we haven’t had the woman lead the film (very often). It’s her movie, … she wins in the end, she kills the man … we haven’t seen this since the ’70s.”

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