Stunning Russian Curler Who Looks Like Angelina Jolie Crashes Down On Ice At Olympics – Is She Ok?


Anastasia Bryzgalova, 25, was fine but it could have been so much worse. The curler, participating as part of the “Olympics Athletes From Russia” team, was competing with partner and husband

Aleksandr Krushelnitckiy, 25, in the mixed doubles bronze medal match on Feb. 13 in PyeongChang, per the >New York Post. While developing some strategy for their next throw, Anastasia seemed to slip. Though she recovered, she walked backwards and tripped over another curling rock! She fell backwards and many gasped, worried that she was going to hit her head against the heavy stone. Click here to watch on NBC Olympics’ website.

She landed on her backside and it seemed everything was okay. Actually, everything was better than okay. She and her husband scored the first Olympic medal in curling’s mixed double history, according to Reuters. Mixed Doubles curling made its debut as an Olympic event at the 2018 games in South Korea, and history will show Anastasia and Aleksandr were the first to claim a medal in the event. Hours after this couple’s victory, Canada would win the sport’s first gold medal by defeating Switzerland.

Anastasia may have taken the bronze in the event, but she captured the gold in the hearts of many who fell in love with her. “I don’t really understand curling but Anastasia Bryzgalova has made me a fan,” one fan tweeted, per >The Sun. “The Russian curling mixed doubles team is led by Anastasia Bryzgalova, who looks like >Angelina Jolie

at 21 if she ever picked up a broom,” another one added, while one more said. “I’m still rooting for USA but Anastasia Bryzgalova, the Russian curler looks like a freaking model.”

She’s more than just a pretty face. According to her Olympic profile, she has “studied [for] a master’s degree at the Lesgaft National State University of Physical Education, Sport and Health in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation.” She’s only been curling for nine years after seeing an invitation to join a curling club at an ice sports complex in St. Petersburg. She and her husband won gold at the 2016 World Mixed Doubles Championship in Karlstad, Sweden. They also won the 2016 World Mixed Championship in their home country of Russia. They’re now also Olympic medalists!

”It’s very important that we are family,“ she said after the bronze medal win. ”That was very important in order to survive yesterday’s (semi-final loss against Switzerland) Just to come out here today and to make the match that we can be proud about. The fact that we are family helped us a lot.”

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