Lenovo's ThinkPad X1 Tablet Unexpectedly Adds A Bigger, Better 13 Inch Screen

Other things from the Surface and Surface Book would make it into my Frankenstein PC, though.

The digitising pen is better on the Microsoft PCs than on the Lenovo, even if the Yoga's pen is more securely attached and won't come off when you frantically pull your PC out for scanning at the airport. (The pen on the Yoga is hidden inside the laptop, in a small slot, whereas the pen on the Surface is magnetically attached and falls off in airports all the time.)

The way the Surface Book converts into a tablet by snapping off the keyboard, rather than just folding the keyboard behind the screen the way you do on the Yoga – that would make it into the dream PC, too.

(Though, once again, the Surface Book could be more reliable. It still has some troubles with apps conflicting with the screen unlocking mechanism, related to the fact the computer has a discrete GPU in the keyboard.)

Disappointing screen 

Also, the screen on my ideal laptop would come in part from the Surface Book, which is incredibly high resolution, and which has 3:2 aspect ratio that I think is much more suited to work than the 16:9 aspect ratio on the Lenovo X1.

But the screen's bezel would come from Dell's XPS 13, which is to the oversized bezel on the X1 Yoga what a luxury infinity pool is to an inflatable pool.

The Dell's bezel, which makes the XPS 13 much smaller than any 13-inch PC has a right to be, really is breathtaking. By contrast the bezel on the X1 is disappointing. It's so large I keep thinking I'm working in a letterbox on the screen, and that if I press the right button the extra centimetre or so at the top and bottom of the screen will magically come on.

Source : http://www.afr.com/technology/gadgets/computers/lenovos-thinkpad-x1-yoga-has-ideal-elements-20160320-gnmjut

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