HTC Shows Off New Squeezable Edge Sense Features Coming Soon To The HTC U11

The HTC U11’s Edge Sense feature — the ability to launch apps or actions by squeezing the sides of the phone — is a neat little feature, but still somewhat limited (and somewhat gimmicky). HTC knows this which is why they have plans to soon expand this functionality by teaching Edge Sense a few new tricks.

In a video HTC uploaded to YouTube, the U11 will soon have the ability to zoom inside Google Maps, Google Photos, switch views inside Calendar, and more. HTC wouldn’t say when these new features would be released, only that they’re coming soon.

We don’t imagine it’ll be too much longer and since the app is on the Google Play Store, updating and pushing it out to the HTC U11 shouldn’t be nice and speedy. We’ll keep our eyes peeled.

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HTC shows off new squeezable Edge Sense features coming soon to the HTC U11
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