Even HTC’s New One A9 Ad Borrows From Apple

HTC’s move with the One A9 may not be as popular if you judge the company’s decision to almost copy the iPhone 6s’ looks, but our experience using the device has been so delightful that it’s hard to hold it agains the them. What’s most important is the sum of experiences when acquiring a phone, and for those of you who like Apple’s hardware but hate iOS, the One A9 is definitely a solid choice. The company’s recent ad campaign tries to sell this particular idea, but then again, it just brings a little déjà vu.

HTC’s new One A9 “Be Brilliant” ad invites users to be different and bold when choosing a new smartphone, which does have a sense of irony if you consider how much its offering is a copy of something else. The ad is still great though, but things get interesting when you consider that 30 years ago, Apple launched what is considered to be the most popular ad campaign in history with the 1984 ad for the first Macintosh, directed by Ridley Scott. Just like HTC’s ad calls on users to be different and not follow the rest of the crowd, so does Apple with its “big brother” approach to the ad, which in turn mimics George Orwell’s vision of the book 1984 to a certain degree.

It’s hard to watch this HTC attempt and not commend the company for at least solving its “lack of marketing” complaints from the past. The sad part is not really that it borrows from Apple for this ad, but that even with the ad, Apple’s first Macintosh was a flop. Let’s hope this is not the case for the One A9 yet again.

Source: HTC

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Source : http://pocketnow.com/2015/11/04/htcs-one-a9-ad-borrows-from-apple

Even HTC’s new One A9 ad borrows from Apple
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