Emily Sweeney Sore, But Doing ‘Very Well’ After Horrific Crash

American luger Emily Sweeney, of Suffield, Connecticut, is stiff, sore and has a severely sprained left ankle after a horrific crash during her final run of the singles competition of the 2018 Winter Olympics Tuesday, but she is otherwise OK.

NBC Connecticut anchor Kevin Nathan spoke with Sweeney’s mother, Sue, who she said her 24-year-old daughter did not break any bones and does not have a concussion.

The crowd fell silent Tuesday when Sweeney lost control of her speeding sled and crashed. Somehow, the local athlete was able to get up and walk on her own.


Emily Sweeney Crashes, But Is Able to Walk Off

Sweeney is a sergeant in the U.S. Army National Guard and part of the Army World Class Athlete Program. When she conducted interviews soon after the crash, Nathan asked if the military background contributed to why she walked off the track, but Sweeney said that is just who she is.

“I think that’s just who I have been raised to be and you just you have to,” Sweeney said.


Emily Sweeney Sore, Emotional After Violent Crash

USA Luge medical staff told the “Today” show that Sweeney is doing "very well" and will be monitored for the next few days and further steps will be taken, if necessary.

She was not expected to attend Wednesday's Olympic doubles luge race, according to the "Today" show.

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Sweeney expressed thanks Tuesday those who have supported her.

“It’s been a long journey. I know that the people who know me are supportive, no matter what I do on the track. They’re happy with the person I am off the track, so that’s what I am going to focus on walking away from here,” she said.

And on Wednesday, she tweeted her thanks to everyone who has been giving her support.

Thank you for all of the supportive messages! That was a rough one. I’m sore, but I’m recovering. Thank you for all the positive words, I’m really feeling the love this Valentine’s Day.

— Emily Sweeney (@ecsluge) February 14, 2018

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Source : https://www.nbcconnecticut.com/news/sports/Emily-Sweeney-Sore-But-Doing-Very-Well-After-Horrific-Crash--474035633.html

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